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At ECO Corporation we work to create extraordinary value from otherwise wasted resources.


At ECO Corporation we work to create extraordinary value from otherwise wasted resources.In today’s world the increasing costs of energy and other resources, in addition to the environmental impacts of traditional energy consumption, have lead to increasing challenges in business and society at large.


Fortunately, through the intelligent use of techniques and systems-based thinking in our factories, buildings, transportation and agriculture, we have the opportunity to shift the paradigm and develop solutions that make sense for both today and tomorrow.

From building retrofits to energy efficient water purification, natural skin care to reduced-footprint, concentrated saltwater delivery, at ECO Corporation we are working towards an energy-wise, prosperous and more sustainable future. Our approach is based on both traditional business approaches and ones based on a more accurate valuing of natural capital, and we believe it has the potential to yield tremendous benefits to modern day businesses.

Our lead activity today at ECO is to represent owners of commercial buildings in energy efficiency retrofits and renewable energy generation projects. We provide our clients the expertise and relationships to save them money today while increasing their property value and brand image as well as reducing emissions and risk. We work only for the building owner, providing customized, holistic, highest rate of return solutions in support of our client’s broader business goals.

The benefits of improving an existing building’s performance are well understood. What we do is make them attainable.


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