About Us


At ECO Corporation and its network of partner companies we are working to create value from otherwise wasted or underutilized resources. We are committed to building a resilient economy, promoting healthy and rewarding lifestyles and encouraging sustainable business practices.

We specialize in energy efficient building retrofits, waste-heat powered water purification systems and concentrated saltwater delivery. Our SolarRain Skin Care line is made using all-natural and organic plant, fruit, nut and essential oils to help users achieve optimal skin health at any age. And we are working through our R&D affiliate to develop applications of technologies based on systems thinking.

At ECO Corporation we work in support of an energy-wise, sustainable future. Our approach is based on both natural and traditional business principles and we believe is poised to yield tremendous benefits for business, people and the environment.

We believe that as a society we must learn to follow nature’s example and more effectively use resources throughout the value chain, in order to lessen the challenges of a resource-constrained world and to improve the chances of a prosperous future.




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