Clean & Efficient Building Retrofits


Acting as our representatives ECO Corporation has saved us a tremendous amount of money and headaches. They continue to find us technologies, contractors, incentives and financing to align the energy efficiency retrofit of our 20-story, 40 year old building with our broader goals of modernizing the building.
- Commonwealth Management LLC


ECO Corporation can provide your organization with the expertise, relationships, technologies and financing solutions to help make your buildings more efficient while achieving a minimized environmental footprint.  You will reduce costs and risks while improving brand image and occupant satisfaction. We act as direct representatives to commercial building owners to engineer a cost and time-effective sustainable energy plan based on your particular goals and local incentive programs - we can convert your current wasted energy resources into reduced costs. And you don’t have to figure it out yourself.


ECO Corporation has aligned itself with a number of Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) to improve the delivery of building retrofits through Energy Performance Contracting (EPC). These ESCOs have agreed to execute projects under a distinctive set of contracting terms and conditions, including streamlined procurement, transparency in pricing, and other methods that reduce project cost, development time, and business risk while increasing financial performance. These ESCOs contractually guarantee energy savings and maximum project costs, agreeing to compensate the building owner financially for savings shortfalls or to make additional product retrofits at no cost to ensure that performance targets are reached.


Our current projects include the 20-story Commonwealth Building in Los Angeles, California, home of the Los Angeles County Superior Courts. Read what JCI says about our collaboration on this project.


For more information, or to easily determine if your building is a good candidate for energy efficiency retrofitting, please email or call (213) 929-5633 Ext. #3.