Quality of Life Consumer Products


This thinking has lead to what we call the SolarRain Lifestyle.At ECO Corporation we believe in a way of life that works both for today and the long term. To us this means a world in which organizations and individuals alike act more in harmony with the natural order of things. This thinking has lead to what we call the SolarRain Lifestyle.

The SolarRain Lifestyle is a holistic lifestyle philosophy, based on the tenets of sustainable living, which looks to nature as a guide to leading happy and fulfilling, healthy, loving and prosperous lives. One in which we consciously take individual actions as part of the broader changes that are required to reduce society's ecological footprint and allow for a better tomorrow.


We believe that both the intention and the technology already exist to get to this place. It is possible to power our vehicles, feed people, breathe good air and enjoy safe and ample water, and do so in a manner that lessens conflict and the damage we inflict on the environment. But we need to embrace a lifestyle that promotes this kind of thinking and living.


The SolarRain Lifestyle is about this intention to enjoy a greater sense of well-being and we're developing consumer products that we hope will inspire people to find ever more ways to live more sustainably and in tune with the natural world. The first of our line of quality of life consumer products is SolarRain All-Natural Skin Care, by Main Cares.


Our SolarRain® Skin Care line is made using all-natural and organic plant, fruit, nut and essential oils to help users achieve optimal skin health at any age. SolarRain® Skin Care draws inspiration for its products from natural systems in order to provide unique experiences in achieving healthy skin. In addition to using only the highest quality organic and natural oils and pure plant extracts, our secret sauce is SolarSalt made using our waste heat and solar still technology, SRT. From sun damage to tattoo care, SolarRain Skin Care has you covered.


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