Products and Solutions


At ECO Corporation we believe that sustainability is a viable foundation for business and that solutions to the challenges around energy and other resources exist all around us.


At ECO Corp we develop products and services that are intended to solve problems and improve quality of life in a profitable manner, ensuring that they can scale and have the greatest impact possible.  


Building Retrofits

Building RetrofitsAt ECO Corporation we offer building owners customized solutions to bring their buildings into alignment with current and future realities. A market where resource scarcity means increasing operating costs and quality of occupant experience is linked directly to productivity, health care costs, tenant satisfaction and occupancy rates.


At ECO we represent owners of commercial buildings in energy efficiency retrofits and renewable energy generation projects. We provide our clients the expertise and relationships to save them money while improving building and brand value and reducing emissions and risk. We work only for the building owner, providing customized and holistic, highest rate of return solutions in support of broader business goals. Click here for more Information on Building Retrofits


Research and Development


ECO Corp affiliate Burner Technology Research works to take ideas and technologies and transform them into viable, tangible products or services.


Currently Burner Technology Research is developing its modular, transportable “SRT” concept: an energy-efficient water purification solution for water-constrained situations, including household-scale and future military and humanitarian operations. Its ability to use multiple fuel types simplifies the burdens of logistical support common with mobile water purification, while its use of “SRT” water production methods completely frees it from the filter resupply requirements that make in-the-field reverse osmosis systems expensive and difficult to maintain.


Sea Water for Commercial Aquariums

Sea Water for Commercial AquariumsSea Water Solutions is the developer and maker of SolarSea™, the highest quality saltwater concentrate for commercial aquarium operators.


Our saltwater comes from pure ocean water and is distilled using proprietary solar still technology, SRT.

SolarSea™ is the purest and most natural salt mix for your reef and reduces the transportation and logistics burden of transporting sea water to commercial aquariums. Click here for more on Sea Water Solutions.    



Quality of Life Consumer Products

Quality of Life Consumer ProductsOur SolarRain® Skin Care line is the natural way to achieve healthy skin. We make it using organic plant, fruit, nut and essential oils, using no synthetic preservatives. SolarRain® Skin Care draws inspiration for its products from natural systems in order to provide users unique and sustainable ways to achieve and maintain healthy skin. In addition to using only the highest-quality organic, natural oils and pure plant extracts, our secret sauce is SolarSalt made using our solar still technology, SRT. Learn more about our Quality of Life Consumer Products here.