Research and Development


At Burner Technology and Research we are working hard to develop energy-wise solutionsAt ECO Corp we are committed to work with existing and developing knowledge and transform it into tangible products or services. Our R&D affiliate, Burner Technology Research, is tasked with finding more efficient solutions to current challenges through the valuable use of evident yet often underutilized resources.

Currently Burner Technology Research is developing its modular, transportable SRT concept - an energy efficient water purification solution for water-constrained situations including household applications, as well as future military and humanitarian operations. It can use multiple fuel types, simplifying logistical support while its use of SRT water production methods frees it from the filter issues that make reverse osmosis systems expensive and challenging to maintain. Our mobile water purification units are ideally suited to supplement or replace the use of reverse osmosis in coastal environments - these systems are able to use waste heat from generators or ships to provide potable water from the ocean to natural disaster area's quickly and efficiently.

As recent events have shown (South Asia Tsunami, 2004; Hurricane Katrina, 2005; Myanmar Cyclone, 2008; Haitian Earthquake, 2010), the most critical need during the first days of a humanitarian disaster is a plentiful supply of drinking water. A reliance on reverse osmosis units for local water generation makes US military and aid agencies dependent on an expensive supply chain of fuel and filters.

At Burner Technology and Research we are working hard to develop effective, sustainable solutions.