Sea Water Solutions


For those looking for a pure and natural salt mix for aquariums, we offer SolarSea™, the highest quality saltwater to commercial aquarium operators. We also offer brine processing services to those seeking a cost-effective and environmentally sound processing method.

Our SolarSea™ saltwater comes from pure ocean water and is distilled using waste-heat and solar distillation techniques.

It is well known that synthetic saltwater is unable to provide the subtle benefits of natural saltwater. And traditional saltwater delivery is transportation intensive and costly. At Sea Water Solutions we provide clean, distilled ocean water in a concentrated form. During the distillation process sea water is heated up to a sterile temperature leaving nothing but the raw elements that are commonly found in the ocean. Basic impurities such as unwanted bacteria, algae and other live organisms and ammonia, and protein-containing organics, are removed during this process. Fish, corals and invertebrates will thrive in your aquarium using SolarSea™.

By keeping Solar Sea™ in a liquid, we are able to retain all the benefits of natural ocean water and more. Solar Sea™ is an all-natural salt water concentrate that is brought back to desired concentration on-site at aquariums. This means enhanced aquarium environments, while reducing transportation costs and the carbon footprint of delivery.


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