Water – The Precious Commodity

Water. When readily available for personal or business use, it’s perhaps the most taken-for-granted benefit of living in the developed world.

More than a billion people today live without access to clean drinking water. If current trends continue, by 2025 two-thirds of the world’s population will be susceptible to water shortages. We’re simply using water at rates that nature cannot support.

For most households, businesses and communities, even in places where there seems ample supply today, in the future water will be both more costly and scarce.  This has enormous implications for people meeting their basic needs, on economic prosperity, and for geo-political stability.

Watch this short video for a primer on water. And let’s keep talking about this important subject.

SolarSea’s First Delivery

We are pleased to announce that ECO Corp affiliate Sea Water Solutions recently fulfilled its first delivery of SolarSea, its natural, concentrated ocean water, to Custom Aquatics in Vista, California. Custom Aquatics will use SolarSea in their own aquariums and package it for its salt water aquarium customers in one and five gallon containers.

SolarSea is the byproduct of making SolarRain water and an example of The SolarRain Lifestyle.