Heavy Lifting at The Los Angeles Superior Court Building – Civil West

This past week saw some significant work on our LA Superior Court Civil West Building project in Los Angeles.

Our partners on the project Johnson Controls, along with Hill Crane, executed some major lifts at this 20-story building that houses the LA County Superior Courthouse.

The cooling towers and associated plumbing were removed, followed by the removal of the old chillers, or air conditioning units.

Subsequent to the removal of these pieces of equipment and their related plumbing, brand new units from manufacturer York were installed. In addition to being more reliable, these units are approximately 25% more energy efficient than the units they replaced and as such are a big part of cost-effectively improving both the energy efficiency of the building, as well as the comfort of building occupants.

We congratulate the crews involved as all of the lifting work was successfully, safely completed in one day, minimizing cost and impact to the area from traffic restrictions associated with crane operation. We send our special appreciation to the staff at Hill Crane, who really showed why they are a leader in their area.